Cupcake Snobs

Two summers ago I met this crazy girl Columbia. We worked together in a camp kitchen and were roommates for the summer. It didn’t take me long to figure out that this girl was the Cupcake Queen! I’m so glad I can say that this girl is one of my best friends!

Whenever we’re together we have to have cupcakes. Some girls get dressed up and go out for drinks, Bia and I get dressed up and go out for cupcakes. We’re both pretty talented in the kitchen and probably the hardest cupcake critics around. I’d like to share our last couple of cupcake adventures here with y’all.

First, I want to share a local Lexington cupcake joint. The first thing that caught my eye about this place was their logo. This girl is tough and edgy, but with just enough feminine touch for this cute little cakes. Bia and I headed down to the store on Liberty Rd. to see what kind of sugary adventure we were going to get into. The space was nice and just the right size for an up and coming cupcakery. A kitchen space to our left and the cupcake and sales counter to the right. It could definitely use some sprucing up, but those things can come together in time. The strangest thing about this place was probably how the cupcakes were displayed. They were up on the wall on a slanted shelf with glass doors. Not exactly what I would choose, but it did the job. That day there were plenty of flavors to choose from.

Now the first rule of cupcakes is you can’t go home empty handed. You have to take some home for friends and family! Cupcakes=love, of course. So, we chose our cupcakes, paid (a very reasonable $2 per cupcake), and headed to the car to try one. I had a key lime and I think Bia had vanilla (she likes to keep it classy). We were excited to have cupcakes that weren’t overwhelmed with icing! A few bites in we were ready to make our judgements. Our Thoughts on Baby Cakes: The perfect amount of frosting on top of a not so perfect cake. We loved the frosting and the numerous flavors to choose from, but we likened the cake to cornbread. So dense! And with cupcakes, the fluffy factor is a big deal. Not the perfect cupcake we’re searching for, but not too bad.

So, to the baker at Baby Cakes: Girl, you keep on keepin’ on with your baking and running a local business! Some things just come with time and I am excited to see your cupcakes become ever better!

Pictured below are the awesome logo and The Natural Beauty, a classic vanilla cupcake. Both pictures borrowed from Click on the pictures to visit the Baby Cakes website!ImageImage

BabyCakes Cupcakes on Urbanspoon

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